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The Champions Appeal

We serve the following targeted public schools in Alamance County: Eastlawn Elementary, Andrews Elementary, Grove Park Elementary, Broadview Middle, and Newlin Elementary. Participation in our program is FREE!

Homework Assistance

We help guide students through their homework. We do not give them answers but we help to check the answers they have and guide them with strategies to get to the answers themselves.

Guided Tutoring

Our lead teachers are certified and work in the local school system or have retired from the school system. They all are well informed about the current state standards. They utilize these standards as a baseline, but they work to help get the students to the point where they can access the information that is taught in their school classes. This at times requires them to reach back to previous standards and then move forward from there.

Student Enrichment

Students have the opportunity daily to participate in activities that are not traditionally academically. Examples of enrichment classes we have offered include, but are not limited to: chess, dance, STEM, art, sewing, and news.

It is a one of our goals to expose these students to activities that they would not normally get the chance to experience.

Our Goals

Guiding Our Students To Success

  • Increase the percentage of minority students performing at or above grade level
  • Provide activities directed at improving youth social skills and behavior
  • Provide greater access to technology during out of school time
  • Decrease the number of youths engaging in risky behaviors resulting in juvenile detention or arrest
  • Increase STEM, Enrichment, and Field Trip opportunities for minority students
  • Increase parental engagement in school and the welfare of youth
  • Improve the overall quality of life and socio-economic status of students and family

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the  lighting of a fire.”


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